Where did Mimi's come from?

Where did Mimi's come from?

3rd Sep 2020

Mim has always been a very gifted crafter, and loved sharing her creations with friends and family. One day her husband told her she might as well start a business with all she is doing, at the time this was a joke, but it gave Mimi an idea that slowly faded...

After this conversation the thought of starting her business wasn't a possibility, she was too busy in her job, she would work long hours that exhausted her making her unable to do what she loved. She would find time to craft but it was never very long, being a mother of five and a loving wife she put their needs before her own. She would cook, clean, and take the kids where they needed to go but not once did she stop to think about what she wanted to do. As time passed the idea of starting a business faded, she was just living life.

A few years passed the business was nothing more than an idea, until they moved to South Carolina. This move presented many challenges, her past employers didn’t keep their word in her transfer; her husband was up at hours that the rest of the family was sleeping, just so they could keep a roof over their heads. Watching her husband work endlessly to keep them going, she felt useless, like she was a burden. She would find openings in retail but her family wouldn’t let her work do to an injury she sustained in retail years prior.

She didn’t know what to do, so she turn to her best friends. As she was confiding in them the idea of starting the business came up and then the lightbulb began to glow again, she knew how to help her family.  As a group we began to think of ideas together, and then brought it to the rest of the family. With the help of her loved ones everything began to fall into place, the materials, the equipment, the Facebook page, and website. They made a name for her creation, slowly but surely Mimi’s Custom Creations was born.

Mimi is loving being able to help create different designs for others and watching their confusion turn to pure happiness when they see the finished product. With their ideas and her talents, she is able to turn a figments of imagination into reality.  Bringing happiness and satisfaction to all who come her way. Being able to not only support her family by doing something she loves, but show that love to others is the biggest blessing she could have ever asked for. 

Mimi's family is doing well and are still very happy with their decision to move. Her husband now has a job that he loves, her sons are thriving in the military and her youngest is about to graduate high school. She couldn't be happier with her life. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius